What is Singapore Math, and why should I send my child to this program?

You may be wondering why we are advertising Singapore Math as a good way to educate your child, when you may have never even heard of it. There are many reasons for this, as well as why many districts are adopting it as their curriculum.

Singapore Math teaches children in ways that really help them learn. Math becomes fun and interesting, more like solving puzzles with a reward at the end than endless frustration. Children understand what they are learning and get enough practice in each concept to master it before moving onto the next concept.

This approach also uses a unique way of problem solving, which includes model drawing. The summer program will introduce children to model drawing to solve various problems.

So between a concrete to abstract approach, problem solving, and lots of fun activities, there is no better place to send your child for a week this summer! Students will finish the program with added confidence in their math skills, as well as arts-integrated math activities and new friends.

To learn more about Singapore Math, please visit this site. To register your child for the program, click here. To read test results that show Singapore Math’s proven effectiveness, click here.

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